We strive to ensure that our clients' IT, Network, Consultant and support for shipping related activities receive the highest level of service in the most efficient manner. Our ongoing commitment to understand our clients’ requirements enables us to deliver consistently high levels of quality service and reliability.


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ADK Maritime Pte. Ltd.        
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Advanced Technology Engineering              
Atrion Travel Inc.    
Chios Marine Club              
CTM Ceres S.A.                
Fortune Technologies S.A.              
Gaslog Ltd.                
Grand Union Inc.          
Great Shipping S.A.                
LISCR Hellas S.A.                
LMZ Shipping S.A.                
McQuilling Hellas S.A.        
Niki Manning S.A.  
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Overseas Shipping S.A.  
Singapore Shipping Enterprises Pte. Ltd.        
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Yialos Manning S.A.