IP Telephony

Communicate effectively & Reliably • Increase your Productivity • Take advantage of the Internet


  • Servers located in Greece
  • Hosted or in house
  • Greek numbers for local calls
  • Applicable on your land lines
  • Many IP devices to choose from
  • Wired, wireless and softphones available
  • Multiple line per device if supported
  • Detailed call records for each number
  • Detailed billing records


Hosted or in house

You can have the call center in your premises or to be hosted by us. When in your premises, proper routers, licensing, POE switches, network cabling and IP devices will be required.
When hosted, we have the routers, we can give you Greek numbers for the lines - or transfer your own to us to be manage (only available in Greece) and then you will need a VPN connection with us and the devices of your preference along with a power source.
You can also combine both, by having your lines for your local calls and have a VPN connection to us as well, with leased Greek lines for cheaper calls to Greece.


Wired, Wireless, Softphones

Many devices to choose from based on your needs and budget.
Wired phones vary from simple IP phones to IP phones with multiple lines, simple display to colored display with touch screen and all of them require one single network cable attached to a POE switch and are able to deliver voice to and from the IP device, as well as network to a computer, to minimize the ports required on the switch or your wall RJ45 outlet.
Wireless devices so you can move freely in your office, multitasking without worrying if you miss a call! To operate, they need wireless access points in the area of needed coverage. Access points can also be used normally at the same time, connecting your other devices to the internet / LAN as well.
Softphones are computer software phone-like programs that can be installed on your laptops along with a VPN connection software, so you can make and receive calls wherever you are, like you were in your office with the same number. For example if you have a Greek number and you are traveling abroad, you can use your softphone to make calls back to Greece with local charges and not roaming or like calling abroad.