Blackberry Services

Blackberry Enterprise Server directly interacts with company's e-mail system. That means that it must be in the same network with the mail server. This can be in your premises, interacting with your mail server or it can be managed by us when you have an e-mail hosting plan with our company.



  • Advanced Security features
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Device restrictions for almost anything
  • Access to information on the go
  • Sync mail, contacts & directories
  • Remote device management
  • Remotely wipe the device if stolen or lost
  • High level of I.T. Control
  • Maximum Scalability
  • Instant Communications
  • Additional e-mail accounts via provider's BIS




  • Works on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • For Domino Servers (Hosted Solution) there is a special application for Android mobile and tablet devices
  • iOS Devices use the Exchange ActiveSync Protocol to connect
  • Automated Installation Process for iOS devices
  • Remote erase the device or just the company data
  • Sync mail, contact, calendar, to do and tasks across devices
  • Centralized management
  • Shared contacts & Directories
  • Instant communication
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